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Vegan Canggu – Top 14 restaurants you have to try

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If you asked us where in this world to find a vegans food heaven, we would not hesitate to tell you in Bali, especially in Canggu. There is no place else where we enjoyed so many different kinds of vegan food than in Bali. As a vegan, in Canggu, you’ll find everything you can imagine, from crepes and pancakes to burgers, smoothie bowls, pizzas, and much more. In this post, we share our 14 most loved places with the best vegan food you have to explore in vegan Canggu. Whether you look for the best plant-based fancy dinner place or the best vegan ice cream, after reading this post, you know where to find it.


Best Vegan Breakfast in Canggu

I Am Vegan Babe

I Am Vegan Babe is the ultimate breakfast place for all vegans. From amazing smoothie bowls to vegan waffles, pancakes and tofu scramble, there is a dish for every breakfast desire. Also, the cafe itself is very lovely, and they serve delicious coffee and smoothies. Our tip: don’t miss the Cinnamon roll. It’s exceptional!

Cafe Organic

If you look for a healthy, plant-based, and fancy breakfast or lunch Cafe Organic is the place to go. They have a lovely outside seating area and inside seating with aircon. Their boho interior is just the beginning, why this is such an instagramable breakfast spot. The food is delicious and their menu offers a lot of variety from smoothie bowls, avo toast, pancakes, burgers, and salad bowls. One of the highlights is their Mermaid Lattes and that they have a big choice of different plant-milk to add your coffee.

Best Vegan Warung in Canggu

Give Cafe

Give Cafe is our favorite place to eat in Canggu. It’s a fully vegan restaurant, and they serve fantastic breakfast bowls and avo toast but also have the most delicious traditional Indonesian buffet and Indonesian dishes like Nasi Goreng and Gado Gado 100% plant-based. The staff is so lovely, and they donate 100% of their profit to different kinds of organizations. As a guest, you get a Give-coin when you pay for your food, which you can donate to the cause that you like to support most. We love their concept and their super delicious food.

Bali Canggu Give Cafe Couple Food

Oma Jamu

Oma Jamu offers a delicious and fully vegan Indonesian buffet for very fair prices. For lunch, they also offer a delicious Tempeh-Burger and Smoothie-Bowls for breakfast. Simple but lovely seating with view on the rice fields.

Vinny’s Warung

Vinny’s Warung is run by a very lovely local lady and the food is 100% plant-based as well. They offer delicious traditional Nasi Campur (buffet) as well as Nasi Goreng. Besides they have amazing salad bowls as well.

Warung Ithaka

Located in Batu Bolong Warung Ithaka is a perfect place to have dinner with friends. They have a beautiful rooftop and many vegan options on the menu. We love their Indonesian Curry and Quinoa Salad as well as the Nasi Goreng of course.

Best Vegan Pizza & Italian in Canggu

Peacezza by KYND

Vegan Pizza delivery, isn’t that the dream? We loved the 100% plant-based Peacezzas from Kynd Community and ordered them to our home in Canggu. Our favorites are Miss Margherita and Green-Peace. If you prefer you can also eat the pizzas at their Restaurant in Seminyak, which is one of our favorite dinner places in Bali.

Amami – Vegan Italian Restaurant

One of our favorite places to eat dinner in Canggu is Amami. The staff is lovely and the food is very delicious. Their menu is fully vegan and they offer everything typically Italian from Pizza to Lasagne, Pasta, and Tiramisu.

Luigi’s Hot Pizza

Luigi’s is a famous Pizza place in Canggu. Usually, there is a lot going on in the evenings, with a bar and music. They offer a Pizza with Vegan Cheese which is very delicious. This is a fun place to hang out with friends.

Best Vegan Indian Food in Canggu

Roti Daal

Honestly, we are addicted to Indian food. Roti Daal offers an amazing buffet of different dishes you can choose from to build your own Thali. Most of their dishes are vegan except for usually one with paneer, but they will let you know. Their dishes are always changing. We usually choose five dishes to share and add rice and, of course, garlic naan. yummy!

Samadi Bali

Samadi Bali is a fully vegan and organic cafe. They also offer yoga classes and a market on Sundays, which we love. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner and have Indonesian and Indian dishes, also amazing choices for raw food like their raw vegan lasagne.

Best Vegan Fancy Dinner Spot in Canggu

Essential Canggu

Well, Canggu offers a lot of nice and fancy restaurants but our favorite is definitely Essential Canggu. It is run by a very friendly Brasilian and the ambiance is unbeatable. It’s a perfect place for a night out with friends or a date night with your love. They serve amazing cocktails (with or without alcohol), as well as delicious tapas-style food. They have a good choice of vegan dishes and besides the amazing food, they serve you different kinds of essentials that you can add to your water.

dinner table at essential restaurant canggu

Best Vegan Treats in Canggu

Mad Pops Ice Cream

One of our favorite things living in Canggu as a Vegan is Mad Pops. Their Ice Creams are all 100% plant-based and they are amazing. The choice of flavors is big and they are changing sometimes. We tried many different Ice creams and we loved them all. If you like you can add a fancy topping as well.

Peace of Cake

We can’t describe with words how delicious the cakes of Peace of Cake are. Another highlight for us. Think of any cake you love they offer all of them 100% vegan. From chocolate cakes to banoffee pie, cheesecakes, cookies & cream or tiramisu cakes, and many more. They offer Ice cream and Cup Cakes as well but unfortunately, we have not tried them yet. You can either order the cakes on their website or you can eat them at many different cafes in Canggu who stock the cakes like Give Cafe, Cafe Organic, Cassava, or Matcha Cafe.

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