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We are Lea and Stefan, a creative and passionate couple with a mission to inspire and make a change. Together we traveled through different countries, and our mindset changed a lot through the experiences we made along the way. During these years together, we learned a lot about sustainability and to be happier with less. This blog is our platform to share our knowledge and experiences.

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Ocean Safari La Ventana, Baja California Sur, Mobula Migration
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The Sunchaser pack consists of our 15 most used and versatile Presets for Adobe Lightroom Desktop and Mobile. These presets are perfect for editing all your photos in one click, whether you have taken them in the city, out in nature, or during your beach holiday. The pack contains some all-around presets and some of which are mainly for editing your sunset and sunrise captures. Find a preview of all presets here.

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French polynesia private travel guide.

French Polynesia Travel Guide

We’re thrilled as we just released our French Polynesia Travel Guide with all our tips that help you plan your dream trip.