We are Lea and Stefan
a creative and passionate couple with a mission to inspire and make a change
live more with less

Our path

We had an expensive apartment, a car and well-payed jobs, and a lot of stuff. Until we decided to travel through India for a month. This trip was an eye-opening experience we needed to realize that this life was never what we were supposed to be. We started to change our life day by day over the last 5 years from that day on. We learned a lot about sustainability and how much happier we are with less. Today we don’t have a permanent address and sold everything. Our home is this beautiful planet and to be at each other’s side. And we have never been happier before.


is a very visual person, loving photography and all things visually aesthetic, she is the person behind framing and editing our photos and behind all creative work. She is a very open and communicative person, loves to talk and philosophize, especially about how we can make this world a better place. She has a big empathy for other people and a strong love for our mother nature. She likes to write, paint and read and in general enjoys all kind of art like music, photography or just simply the beauty of our planet.


He is a very balanced and the most positive thinking person I know. He brings the calmness to the whirlwind of me. He likes to soak up knowledge, and his interests are very various. His biggest passion is health and nutrition. Besides, he has an enormous talent for all technical and artisanal; he is the creator of our website. He has the ability to bring what I imagine to life. He enjoys healthy and fresh food and moving his body. Training and being outside are essential for him.

Our purpose

We have learned and completely changed our life. We wander through the world to learn and make experiences. We learn from other people and cultures and mother nature. But what do we want to learn which we could not find in any classroom back home!? Well, it’s pretty simple: We want to know how to live happily, fulfilled, healthy, and especially in harmony with nature because this is the kind of life we want for ourselves and many other people. 

So our mission is simple too; it’s to learn as much as we can and pass this knowledge on to others to inspire them to change their lives to a more mindful, happy, and fulfilling way of living. And to take care of our beautiful planet just as it does take care of us.

We have a big passion for creating, and that is how we like to tell the stories and experiences we made along the way.

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