French polynesia travel guide.

French Polynesia Travel Guide

French polynesia travel guide.

French Polynesia was our biggest dream destination for many years, and we know we are not alone. We traveled around the country for a month and had many unforgettable experiences. 

While planning our trip, we realized that there was not much helpful information out there, and some parts were difficult to plan. Also, we learned a lot of lessons about where we could have saved money or planned better. French Polynesia is not a cheap destination, so it’s good to plan well and in advance to make the most of your trip. 

That’s why we created this travel guide to French Polynesia for you to share all our tips and help you plan your dream trip.

What's inside this French Polynesia Travel Guide

  • General Travel Information and Tips for French Polynesia
  • How to get around in the country and plan your travel route
  • All our Insider tips for Food, Accomodation, and the best things to do for each island, including the best hikes, beaches, dive sites 
  • Everything you need to know for swimming with Humpback whales
  • Travel Budget and how to save money when planning your trip
  • Packing List to help you prepare for your dream trip

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French polynesia private travel guide.

French Polynesia Travel Guide

We’re thrilled as we just released our French Polynesia Travel Guide with all our tips that help you plan your dream trip.