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Sustainable Shopping Guide for Canggu, Bali

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This guide for shopping in Canggu is not the usual one. We share with you our favorite places to shop sustainably in this area of Bali. Canggu is like a second home for us. One of the main reasons why we love this place so much is because living vegan, sustainably, and zero-waste is not a problem at all in Canggu.

In this blog post, we share all our favorite places to shop from food to yoga wear and vintage stores you can find tips for everything here.


Sustainable Jewelry at Luna & Rose

One of my favorite shops in Canggu is Luna and Rose. This Sustainable Jewelry brand produces ethically in Bali and everything is made from recycled Silver. They also donate 1% for the planet which is an organisation we love.

I’m a proud owner of one of their beautiful pendants of St. Assisi the Patron of Animals & the Environment.

They offer worldwide shipping so you don’t have to miss out if you are not in Bali right now Luna & Rose

Sustainable Yoga & Swim Wear at Indigo Luna

No matter if you forget to bring your yoga wear, bikini, or maybe even your underwear 😉 Indigo Luna has you covered. They offer beautiful pieces made from organic cotton, eucalyptus, linen, and swimwear made from Econyl.

Their clothes have beautiful colors from natural dying and are all ethically handmade in Balil. This is one of my favorite brands for shopping in Canggu but you can order online too: Indigo Luna

Sustainable Accesoires at Kate Wood and Surfboards at Kayu

We loved this shop when we discovered it. It’s actually two shops in the same building, and both make their products from wood. Kate Wood offers you beautiful products from sunglasses to phone cases and even bicycles all made from wood or bamboo. They built a conscious business that believes in the high value of carefully handcrafted goods made from renewable resources.

Right next door you’ll find Kayu Surfboards who offer sustainably produced surfboards made from wood too.

Sustainable Fashion at Yoli & Otis

This Australian brand called Yoli & Otis offers stunning and ethically made clothing, plant dyed, and usually made from linen and cotton for women, men, and kids as well as beautiful homewares. It’s one of the more expensive boutiques but already the shop itself is worth a visit.

Vintage Levis at Rue Stiic

This shop is my go-to place for vintage Levis shorts. I love buying vintage pieces because it’s much more sustainable to reuse clothes than to buy new ones all the time. I found here a full rack of Levis shorts, which are all in amazing condition.

But the Australian brand Rue Stiic has much more to offer in their shop. Their beautiful clothes are ethically and sustainably produced in Bali.

Second Hand Shopping at One Love

As mentioned before, one of the most sustainable ways to shop for clothing is to buy second-hand. That’s why I loved it when I discovered this vintage store in Canggu. One Love has two locations in Canggu and, they offer everything from Jeans, dresses, bikinis, sunglasses, tops and, underwear.

Sustainable and natural Cosmetics at Sensatia

Sensatia offers you amazing natural skincare made in Bali. Their packaging is partly made from plastic, but they recycle it. So you can bring your empty bottles back to the shop.

Their products range from hair, body, to facial care. I love their non-nano sunscreen and their Cleopatra’s Rose range. The smell is fantastic.

Sustainable Food Shopping Canggu

Bali Buda

We can not describe with words how much we love Bali Buda. It’s our place to buy all the delicious foods we need every day, from homemade peanut butter to rice or almond milk; we love their products. They offer a lot of vegan and organic products, and a lot of their products are homemade.

Here you can find some delicious bread and pastries; some products are available in bulk, which means you can fill them in your own packagings like granola or nuts. And all the glass bottles and jars can be returned becuase they reuse them.

Samadi Supermarket und Sunday Market

Samadi Supermarket is quite new and they offer delicious and homemade products, many veggies and other products without packaging and much more. Besides, they have a market on Sunday which we loved and always went to. Some locals sell their fruits, veggies, homemade granolas, and much more.

Zero Waste Bali

Zero Waste Bali is another one of our favorite shops here. It’s a complete bulk-store, which means no packaging at all. You can bring your own containers, jars, and bags to shop here. They offer everything from rice, pasta to nuts, seeds, and even laundry soap, shampoo, and many zero waste products. This shop made our waste-free life in Bali so much easier.

Wholefoods Canggu

This little supermarket offers everything you’ll need, and all products are organic. They also provide some products packaging free and also have some fresh, organic veggies and fruits.

Local Artisans Shopping Canggu

Don’t forget all the amazing local artisans. Bali offers you so many beautiful products that are handmade on the island. From pretty basket bags to furniture and homewares, you can find everything. Especially if you are like me and love the boho style, you will find yourself in heaven here in Bali.

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