How to visit Black Island from Coron

Philippines Coron Black Island Beach Couple

Black Island is the perfect paradise Island for a day trip from Coron. Usually, it is only visited by people that are on a several days boat tour around Coron. That is why the Island is not crowded at all and worth the extra effort to get there.

We share in this blog post whats the cheapest way to get to Black Island from Coron. It is possible to visit the Island from Coron by boat directly, which is maybe more relaxed than the way we will explain here but would cost you way more.

But why is it called black Island, you might ask yourself? It has its name from the big black rocks which are towering up on the Island.


How to get to Black Island from Coron

We recommend you to start your journey early so you will have more time to spend on the Island. In Coron town, you will take the first bus at 8 am to get to Salvacion. Make sure to be at the bus station around 15-20 earlier to buy your ticket and get your spot. Seats are very limited because the buses in Coron are basically Mini-buses. The ride takes about an hour.

Once you arrive in Salvacion, you can either head directly to the port with a Trycicle and talk to the boatmen, or you can walk to Kings Lodging Restaurant, which is a 2 minutes walk from the bus stop and let them help you arrange a boat to get to black Island.

The boat ride itself will take you around 30-45 minutes from the mainland to Black Island.

If you want to head back to Coron town the same day, make sure to check at the bus station what time the last bus will return to Coron. Usually, it’s around 5 pm. Let the boat crew know that you will have to be back by this time.

Top things to do on Black Island

We enjoyed the time on Black Island so much. These are our tips about what to do during your day.

  • Go snorkeling: You will find colorful fish around the island. Near the rocks, you’ll have the best chance to see them. Therefore, don’t forget to bring your snorkeling mask.
  • Relax on the beach: The island has the perfect white sand beach to relax and swim.
  • Eat lunch in a beach hut: You can bring your food, which the boat crew will prepare for you on the island. We brought veggies, rice, and fruits and had a delicious lunch.
  • Explore the Cave on Black Island: You will find two caves. In one of them, you can even swim. It was so much fun to jump into the clear water to refresh ourselves. You will find the cave on the left side of the beach.
  • Visit a neighboring Island: We combined our trip with another Island called Debotunay, which is close to the Black Island.

On the island, we saw that It is possible to camp there. In case if you have time and would like to stay overnight. We would have made this if we knew earliest. It must be amazing to wake up there.

Coron Black Island Beach Couple

Costs for a day trip to Black Island

These are the costs if you want to make a day trip to Black Island from Coron town:

  • Busride from Coron to Salvacion: 150 Pesos per person (2.80$)
  • Boat incl. crew: 3000 Pesos (56 $)
  • Environmental fee:  200 Pesos per person (3.70$)
  • Food: 130 Pesos (2.50$)
  • Busride back to Coron: 150 Pesos per person (2.80$)
Coron Black Island Beach Couple
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Hi, I am visiting coron now and just saw your super helpful post. Where does the bus starts from Coron?

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