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Vegan Marrakech – 8 best restaurants you have to try

Marrakesh Riad Jardin Secret Rooftop Tea Couple

Vegan Food in Marrakech: we thought it would be quite an adventure to find plant-based and vegetarian food in this colorful city. It is a fact that much Moroccan cuisine is with meat, and desert countries, in general, have fewer plants and are mostly more focused on meat dishes. But we found a few fantastic spots to eat, which we are happy to share with you. What helped us a lot was the excellent app HappyCow. Don’t know it yet? If not, then you should get it now. In this guide for vegan Marrakech, we share our favorite places where you can eat vegan and vegetarian food in this fascinating city. These restaurants are also recommended for people who are not vegan or vegetarian. 


8 Best Vegan-friendly Restaurants in Marrakech

Earth Café – Best Vegan Food in Marrakech

Our absolute favorite place to eat in Marrakech was the Earth Café. They only serve vegetarian and vegan dishes, but it’s all Moroccan food. The food was so delicious, and the prices are reasonable so that we went there twice.

Riad Jardin Secret

Besides that, we had an excellent vegan dinner at our Riad Jardin Secret. We can highly recommend you staying there if you look for vegan food in Marrakech. They also serve you a great vegan Breakfast.

NOMAD Café – Vegan Marrakech favorite rooftop

Of course, we couldn’t miss the famous NOMAD Café, in the middle of the Souk. Such a fantastic restaurant with a beautiful rooftop from where you have a great view of the markets. They serve a few vegan and vegetarian dishes, which were very delicious but also a bit more pricey. We had veggie Pastilla, which was delicious. Also, we recommend you getting a reservation if you like to come here for lunch or dinner.

Café des Epices

The Café Des Epices is located right on the opposite of the Nomad Café and is a bit less fancy and expensive. We went here once for a quit break from the haggling and had a good snack and some Moroccan tea.

Atay Café

The Atay Café is quite a cool spot also with a rooftop with even several different levels. The food and the prices are fair. We had some delicious salads and veggies there. It’s located in a cute street, and from the roof, you have a fantastic view.

Le Jardin – Vegan Marrakech romantic dinner

Le Jardin was our second favorite spot in Marrakech. We had a fantastic dinner there. We were lucky because we came without a reservation. We would recommend you to get one. The courtyard of this place is stunning, and they serve great vegetarian Tajine and Salads.

Il Limoni

At Limoni Cafe and Restaurant, they serve a mix of Italian and Moroccan dishes, which are delicious, and you can find a good variety of vegetarian/vegan dishes, too. But we recommend this place to you because the courtyard of this restaurant is so beautiful. It’s full of lemon trees and beautiful lights. Very romantic. In the evening, it’s better to have a reservation.

La Famille

La Famille is a cute spot for a lunch break with a beautiful garden and some fantastic vegan salads in Marrakech. They also have a cute little shop inside.

Generally for Vegan Marrakech: Tajine and Couscous

We also went to some typical Moroccan restaurants, especially on our trip to Ouarzazate. These restaurants usually don’t have dedicated plant-based food, but you can always have a vegetarian tajine or couscous salad. Both are vegan and delicious, but the restaurants above will help you eat with a little more variety.

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Marrakesh Riad Jardin Secret Rooftop Couple

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