Our daytrip to Hong Island was one of our favorite experiences during our month we spent in Thailand. We stayed in the Ao Nang area for a few days. We chose to stay at a guesthouse called Krabilife Resort which was located outside of Krabi. The guesthouse was located 5 min from the Klong Muang Beach. This area is not touristy at all but it has a few restauarants and a supermarket there so it was totally fine for us.

It took us about 45 min with the scooter to Krabi town and 20 min to Ao Nang beach. From Ao Nang beach we visited the famous Railay beach by boat taxi. This costs 200 Thai Bath for a return ticket per person (ca. 7$). We then checked for the prices for Island hopping from Ao Nang beach and realized that especailly private tours are quite expensive in this area. We mostly choose private tours because it gives us the freedom to choose where we want to go and how long we want to stay on these islands for.

We decided that we will choose quality over quantity and visit only one Island instead of hopping around all the Islands with a tour. We chose to visit Hong Island.
We booked our private boat to Hong Island at the Klong Muang Beach instead of Ao Nang beach because it was cheaper to start from there.

couple in front of longtail boat on railay beach
couple in water at railey beach

How to get to Hong Island

If you would like to visit Hong Island or another Island with a private tour, you can book a tour at the famous Ao Nang beach. But we recommend you to book your tour at another beach that is less touristy because prices will be much lower.

We just went down to the beach in Klong Muang and asked at the one single place with a sign for boat tours. We ended up paying around 60$ for one day and booked our tour for the next day.

We recommend you to start your tour early in the morning because it will be worth it to be on the Island before everyone else. We started our tour at 6.30 am. It took us about 45 min to get to Hong Island.

Couple walking on the beach on hong island
beach at hong island
couple walking on the beach on hong island
couple in the water at hong island

Benefits of choosing only one Island

When we arrived at Hong Island, we were completely alone. It was such an incredible feeling to arrive at such a paradise island with white sand beach and the clearest turquoise water and to be entirely by yourself. We spent more than one hour without any other people around, and we enjoyed this time so much.

After 9 am, it started to get busy. At 10 am, it was completely crowded. But one thing we really liked is that the boat tours have their schedules and it happened a few times that day that at some point everyone left and the beach was empty again.

We were thrilled that we chose quality over quantity and spent our whole day at Hong Island. We did snorkeling in the beautiful water and drank some coconuts at the beach. We brought our own picnic for lunch whit some fruits and nuts to save some money, but there is a restaurant on the Island too.

Before we returned back to Krabi, we aksed our boat driver to take us to the Hong Lagoon, which is located on the other side of the island and worth a visit too. You can swim here from the boat because there is no beach to stop.

Girl sitting on the beach drinking coconut
Coconut with metal straw on the beach
longtail boat in turquoise water

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