10 best things to do in Sayulita, Mexico – The Ultimate Guide

Sayulita Couple

Sayulita is also known as Pueblo Magico and is a vibrant and colorful beach town on Mexico’s pacific coast. It is famous for surfing and nightlife, but there is much more to explore in Sayulita. We loved exploring deserted beaches, strolling through colorful markets, enjoying Mexican food, and going on adventures.

This blog post shares all our favorite things to do in Sayulita and why we fell in love with this magical town.


Best time to visit Sayulita

There is no bad time to visit Sayulita. Temperatures are pleasant, and days are sunny all year round. December to April is the dry season which means you will most likely have no rain during your stay since the dry season here can get very dry. In the rainier months from June to October, the vegetation is greener and the climate more humid. We visited Sayulita in December, and it was busy since it was high season. But the weather was perfect.

How to get to Sayulita

You can fly from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta, the closest airport to Sayulita. From there, we recommend taking an Uber to Sayulita. The ride is about 1 hour, and we paid 30 USD. To take Uber is a lot cheaper than the regular Airport Taxis. But you have to meet your driver outside of the Airport like in most places.

Another option to get to Sayulita from Puerto Vallarta is the public bus. 

10 best things to do in Sayulita

Sayulita is a vibrant beach town best known for its surf and nightlife. What we love most about Sayulita is that there is a lot to do and so many beaches to explore around the town. Read on for our favorite things to do in Sayulita.

Surfing in Sayulita

Sayulita has a consistent surf break right at the main beach, which is why the town attracts surfers from all over the world. Surfing in Sayulita is very beginner-friendly, and there are many surf schools around. So it’s a great place to start if you are new to surfing.

Go for a swim at Playa de los Muertos

Because of the many surfers and sometimes high waves at the main beach of Sayulita, it is not the best place to go for a swim. But if you are like us and love to swim and chill in the water, the best place to go is Playa de Los Muertos (Beach of the death). It’s a short 10 min walk from town to get to the beach, and it has its name from the small cemetery that you’ll pass to get there. We love how Mexico celebrates death in a very different way. Since our visit was shortly after the national holiday “Dia de Los Muertos” the cemetery was decorated very colorfully.

The beach is small but very relaxing. The waves are small here, and we spent a lot of time in the refreshing water. You can rent a sunbed, and there is a bar at the entrance for those who want drinks or food. We usually bring our own snacks and chill with our towels in the sand. This beach can get busy, especially on Sundays.

A rocky Sayulita beach with trees in the background.

Check out the colorful Hippie Market

You can’t miss the hippie market while you are in Sayulita. There are many stalls along the road and one part where you can walkthrough. Many stalls are selling colorful, typical Mexican crafts for tourists. Besides, there are few stalls where artists are selling stunning handmade jewelry with crystals and macrame. You can find everything from clothes to hammocks and more.

Walk along Playa Norte and hike to a deserted Beach

If you walk north on Playa Sayulita you get to Playa Norte. Which is the more quiet part of the beach. Along the beach, there are some boutique hotels and villas. If you walk on the beach until the end, you get to some rocks to climb up to a walking path that leads you over the hill. On the other side, you get to a stunning and huge deserted beach called Playa Malpaso. There is no road leading to this beach and no restaurants. It’s pure nature. The path leads you through the jungle and is absolutely magical. This is one of our favorite spots in Sayulita and is perfect for all nature lovers. Make sure you bring enough water and some food so you can stay at the beach for longer. This place is absolutely perfect for a picnic.

If you are fortunate and the tide is at the lowest point during your visit, you will be able to walk through a cave in the rocks at the south end of Malpaso beach and get to another smaller lonely beach.

An aerial view of a tropical beach in Sayulita, Costa Rica.

Enjoy the Sunset at Playa Carricitos

Because of the hills on the left side of Playa Sayulita, you can’t see the sun setting into the Ocean. That’s why we highly recommend walking to Playa Carricitos for Sunset. From town, it’s a beautiful 20-30 min walk and so worth it. At Playa Carricitos, we experienced the most beautiful sunset of our time in Sayulita and were absolutely in awe of all the colors. There is one restaurant on the beach for those who want a drink. Besides, it’s a great vibe of few people and not too busy.

The sun is setting over a group of people in the ocean near Sayulita.

Go on a Whale watching tour

Our favorite experience in Sayulita was Whale watching with La Orca de Sayulita. During the months from December to April, the beautiful Humpback Whales are migrating to the warm waters of Mexico to mate and give birth to their babies. That’s why this is a great time to have the unforgettable experience of a whale watching tour.

Whale watching tours of La Orca de Sayulita are led by experienced Biologists that studied the whales for many years. The tour takes 3 hours on a small boat for max. 8 people and starts directly at Sayulita beach. The cost is 75 USD (1400 Pesos) per person.

Onboard we learned a lot about the whales from our amazing guide. They do also have a hydrophone, a special marine microphone,  onboard so you can listen to the whales. Besides Snacks and water are included.

A whale is jumping out of the water in Sayulita.

Make a Daytrip to San Pancho

For less than 2 USD, you get a bus ticket from Sayulita to San Pancho. The bus ride is about 10 min only, and it’s so worth visiting. San Pancho is a smaller beach town than Sayulita and more relaxed. There is one main road down to the beach with many cute boutiques. Don’t miss the Vegan Ice Cream and Snickers at Chichili Helado Vegano. The town has great vegan food options and a very beautiful beach. If you come to visit, make sure you stay until sunset because it’s a vibe — some beach bars with music and a big swing on a palm tree. We loved our little day trip to San Pancho. 
We had Lunch at YUM YUM San Pancho, a fully vegan restaurant run by the loveliest couple that prepares all the freshest food. Highly recommend this place. For dinner, we went to Limbo, a trendy place (make a reservation to be sure). They have plant-based options. We had tacos with hibiscus flowers, and it was super delicious. 

Shop local Art at Palu

Our favorite shop in Sayulita is Palu Art for your heart, a small art shop from two local artists. The sisters create beautiful paintings that you can purchase as postcards and prints in all sizes. Besides, they sell some art from local photographers. Even though we never shop much, we love to support local artists while traveling, so this shop is a can’t miss.

Stroll around the colorful town of Sayulita

What we really loved about Sayulita is that every day we walked around town we discovered new places. We love how vibrant and colorful this town is and the hippie vibes. For those looking to take a photo with the colorful flags in Sayulita, this is the location.

Get sweets at Flores y Colores

For all the sweet tooths like us, this is our secret tip. Flores y Colores is a little stall in  Sayulita town run by a local family. All the sweets they bake are vegan and homemade. We had delicious brownies and pekan cakes. Besides, they offer a variety of homemade juices. Highly recommend!

Where to eat in Sayulita

Sayulita is a foodies heaven and has a big choice of restaurants for Vegans. These are our favorite restaurants we tried in Sayulita that are vegan-friendly.



One of our favorite places for Breakfast in Sayulita is Organi-K. They offer a large variety of smoothies and bowls, as well as sandwiches and toasts.

The Anchor Cafe

The Anchor Cafe is a popular spot and can get crowded, but it’s a must while visiting Sayulita. We loved their breakfast/lunch menu with vegan Bagel and Avo Toast, and especially the topped Chia Pudding is a must-try.

Yah-Yah Cafe

You can find very delicious food for Breakfast or Lunch at Yah-Yah Cafe. We loved the vibe of this place and the delightful vegan bagels and sandwiches we had here. They offer good coffee and smoothies as well.

El Original Cafe

El Original is a lovely local restaurant offering Mexican breakfast and lunch dishes. They have delicious vegan options like Chickpea Omlet and Pancakes for very fair prices.


El Itacate

The place to go for a great selection of Vegan Tacos for dinner is El Itacate. They have Tacos with Mushrooms, Flor de Jamaica, Carrots, and more. Besides, they have great Margaritas and other Mexican dishes.

Ki’i no Ramen

If you feel like an Asian Mexican Fusion Dinner would be something for you, you can’t miss Ki’i no Ramen. The food is so delicious, and they have an extensive selection of Vegan options.

Atico Bar

Atico is more famous for the swings at the bar and the live music we both loved, but surprisingly, they also offer a delicious dinner with great vegan options. We had Quinoa bowls and Jackfruit Tacos. They also offer Vegan Burgers and Nachos with Vegan Cheese. Great place to go for Drinks and Dinner with Friends.

A plate with a Sayulita-inspired sandwich and salad.

Where to stay Sayulita

We stayed in different Airbnb’s while we visited Sayulita. There are charming options, and it’s our favorite way to travel for us. Make sure to check Airbnb. 

Besides, there are lovely boutique hotels to choose from like Don Bonito, Casa Pia, or La Bohème Sayulita.

How to get around in Sayulita

One thing we love about Sayulita is that all places are within walking distance. It’s a great size of the town and also the surrounding beaches can be reached in 10-30 min walking distance. Some people rent a golf cart to get around town and visit the beaches. 

If you want to explore further out like San Pancho or Punta Mita, there is a bus station with local busses to other towns, and you can find taxis all around Sayulita town. To order an Uber did not work in Sayulita when we tried it.

Travel Tips 

Shop Groceries Zero-Waste in Sayulita

There are two Zero-Waste shops in Sayulita which helped us to buy our groceries without plastic packaging. These are the two shops:

Internet Access

For the best Internet connection in Sayulita we recommend getting a local SIM card. The most convenient option for travelers is the eSim Card (digital SIM card) from Airalo. You can download and install a digital data pack and get connected anywhere in the world as soon as you land, so there is no need to waste time looking for a local plastic SIM card. 

A Sayulita building with a mural on it and a thatched roof.


This is an overview of our expenses to give you an idea of how much you will spend while visiting Sayulita. Of course, the costs of accommodation can vary a lot depending on the season and standard you choose.

  • Accommodation: 60-70 USD per night
  • Food: 20-30 USD per meal for two people
  • Drinks: 5-6 USD per drink
  • Airport Taxi: 30 USD with Uber 
  • Busride: 1.20 USD per Person one way to San Pancho
  • Whale watching Tour: 75 USD per person


Sayulita is our favorite place we visited in Mexico so far. We love the laid-back vibes, all the colors, and the beautiful beaches. We especially loved that a bit of walking out of town brings us to an all-natural deserted beach. The food options are great and there is a lot to do. We feel like we would never be bored in Sayulita and will be back for sure.

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