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NAYA Glow – Natural Cosmetics for you and the planet

Naya Natural Cosmetics Skin Care

I’m happy to share my favorite natural cosmetics brand and why I choose NAYA Glow for my skincare.

When it comes to my diet and what I put in my body, I know exactly what’s good for me. Nutrition is one of my biggest interests, and for me, it’s clear that this keeps me healthy. We live on a fully plant-based diet for a few years already, and I’ve never felt better and healthier in my body before.

But what’s with the things I put on my body!? Our skin is the biggest organ we have, and to put chemicals on my skin would be just as bad as eating processed food or plants that are treated with pesticides. I was looking for skincare that I like and had natural ingredients for quite a long time until I found NAYA Glow.

Naya day cream natural cosmetics skincare product

NAYA Glow is a German natural cosmetics brand with strong values. They are transparent from the soil until the skin. Their products are fully vegan and cruelty-free (means no animal testing), sustainably sourced, and with all-natural ingredients.

"NAYA goes beyond beauty. We launched NAYA to find a sustainable way to reconnect customers with Nature and ultimately with themselves."

Just like us, the founder of NAYA has traveled a lot through the world in order to learn. From South America to Asia she has always been fascinated by the local rituals, herbs, remedies, and her idea started to emerge.

NAYA was developed suitable for every skin type, women, and men who seek plant-based skincare without dubious ingredients. It is not about the quantity but the quality of the bioactive ingredients and nutrients one nurtures one’s own skin. A ‘less is more’ approach is not only more sustainable to the planet, but it is also more sustainable to your skin, providing exactly the nutrients your skin needs without the layering of hundreds of different ingredients a day.

I the morning, I apply their NAYA Everyday Day Cream on my cleansed skin, which nourishes and moisturizes my skin perfectly. In the evening, I use their Everyday Cleansing Oil to remove my makeup when I wear some or just to cleanse my face. I put some of the oil on a wet pad and can easily remove everything from my skin. I love to cleanse and treat my skin with oils. 

Besides, I’m a big fan of their Glow Serum, which I usually put on my cleansed skin in the evening before I go to bed. It makes my skin feel very soft and beautiful, and it helped me a lot with some skin irritations that I had from stopping the pill.

Since I care a lot about keeping my plastic consumption as low as possible, I love their packaging. When you receive your products, everything is wrapped in paper, and there is no plastic around it. The bottles are made from glass, which is great. Only the pump is made from plastic. I recently found out on their website that they offer a refill service to reuse the bottle and pump and don’t have to throw any of it away. I will definitely try this service as soon as my bottles are empty.

Overall, I am thrilled that I have found skincare with natural cosmetics that align with my values and nourish my skin just as my diet nourishes my body. Made from plants, free from chemicals, and sustainably in harmony with nature.


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