Kawasan Falls – Everything you need to know before you go

Couple at Kawasan Falls Cebu

Kawasan Falls is honestly one of the most beautiful waterfalls we have ever seen. The reason for that is mainly the incredibly turquoise blue water. Even if today the Kawasan Falls is very famous and can get quite busy we highly recommend to visit them. In this blog post, we share our tips about how to experience the falls for yourself and the best photo spots.


How to get to Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls is very close to Moalboal, which is why we recommend you to stay there to visit the falls. It’s the easiest to rent a scooter in Moalboal and drive to the waterfalls yourself, which allows you to get there early too. The drive took us around 30 minutes from our guesthouse in Moalboal to get to the falls. The streets in Cebu are perfect, and there was barely any other traffic on the road.

If you don’t want to drive yourself, you can either go to Kawasan Falls by Taxi, Bus or a guided tour. The bus from Moalboal to Kawasan Falls takes around 50 min but will cost you only 1-2$.

To get to Moalboal from Cebu City where the Airport is, you can take a bus. The bus departs from Cebu South Bus terminal, and the ride takes you around 3 hours. The price per person is 150 pesos (2-3$). You can take a taxi or a van too. but expect to pay much more for it, around 30-40$.

Visiting Kawasan Falls – Everything you need to know

What’s the best time to get there

We highly recommend you to go there early in the morning. We arrived around 6.00 – 6.30 am, and we were so happy we did that because we had the falls completely for ourselves in the first hour. A few other people were coming around 7 am to 8 am, but it was still pretty empty. The Kawasan falls got really crowded at 10 am.

The entrance fee for the Kawasan Falls is 45 pesos per person (0.90$). It is possible to rent a locker to put your belongings inside while you are swimming. Very important for visiting the Kawasan Falls – don’t forget to bring your swimwear because you don’t want to miss swimming in this incredible water.

Discover the three different levels

Kawasan Falls has three different levels that you can explore, so we recommend you to count enough time when visiting. You can easily spend here a half-day.

The first level when you arrive is the most famous part of Kawasan Falls, and we recommend you to enjoy this part first because this is as well the part which gets most crowded after a while. On this level, you will find a restaurant, a life-west rental, and the lockers as well.

After you have enjoyed the incredibly turquoise blue water and took your amazing photos here, go to the left side of the waterfall, where you will find a path that leads you up to the next level. The second level has a beautiful turquoise pool again, and we found that already there, fewer people are around. There is another restaurant here and as well some restrooms.

If you want to take amazing photos, we highly recommend you to walk up to the 3rd level, which was one of our favorite parts of the waterfall. The path up there will take you around 10 min to walk from the second level, but it’s such a beautiful walk through the jungle. Once you get to the 3rd level, you will see a dam. Walk-up on the right side of the dam, where you will find our favorite photo spot. (next photo on the left)

Don’t miss swimming in the incredibly turquoise and clear water up here too. We found that this level was our favorite one for swimming, it was the least crowded part, and there is a swing which is a lot of fun too.

Things to do at Kawasan Falls

There are different activities and fun things to do at Kawasan Falls, which you should not miss.


A canyoneering tour at Kawasan Falls can get pre-booked here, but you can also book it once you get there. People are coming up to you and ask you if you are interested in it.

Canyoneering is an outdoor trek through the jungle, including jumping into the water, swimming, and climbing.


On the third level of Kawan Falls, you will find a swing. The people looking after this swing will ask you for a fee of 10 pesos, which will allow you to swing as many times as you want. You have to climb a rock, and the people will help you get the swing if you wish. Then you can swing into the incredibly turquoise water. Make sure to let go of the swing as soon as you are over the water, otherwise you could crash into the rock where you started. We had so much fun swinging here.

Swim and Relax

After all the fun activities, we enjoyed just swimming in the fantastic turquoise pools that Kawasan Falls offers and to relax a bit. Around mid-day, when it got very crowded, we decided to leave and found that we enjoyed our time there a lot.

Where to stay when visiting Kawasan Falls

We recommend you to stay in Moalboal when visiting Kawasan Falls, which is a beautiful place to explore too and has a good choice of restaurants and cafes as well as all kinds of accommodation to choose from.

We went for a cheaper option and stayed at a Guesthouse called Darius’ Residences which was great for a short stay. Otherwise, we recommend The Blue Orchid Resort in Moalboal.

Where to eat in Moalboal

These are our favorite places to eat in Moalboal:

  • Shaka Cafe – best place for breakfast with the most delicious smoothie bowls
  • Smooth Cafe – a nice place for dinner with live music, delicious salads, vegan burgers, and wraps as well as vegan desserts
  • Altrove – delicious Pizzas and nice ambiance
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