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Best beach town in Sri Lanka – Hiriketiya Beach

Hiriketiya Beach couple walking on beach

Hiriketiya Beach was one of our favorite places we visited in Sri Lanka. This beautiful little beach has the perfect surfing vibes and so many amazing spots to hang out. We spent five nights in this lovely bay and totally fell in love with this slice of paradise. In this blog post, we share all our tips about where to stay, our favorite restaurants, and things to do in Hiriketiya.


Where to stay in Hiriketiya Beach

We stayed at the family-run Surf Homestay, which is located directly in the bay of Hiriketiya. They also have a newer accommodation, the White House, which is located on the hill right next to the bay. Both places near the hot spots and have a reasonable price.

Hiriketiya Beach Bay Surfers Waves

Things to do in Hiriketiya Beach

Go surfing or take a surfing lesson

It was might not hard to guess. You need to take a surfing class while you stay in Hiriketiya Beach. It is so much fun and a great experience to try it yourself. Sri Lanka, in general, has many spots which are very good for surf beginners, and there are so many people trying it that you won’t stand out if you fall into the water all the time.

In the bay of Hiriketiya, there are many surfing schools, and you can walk by and ask them for a class. Therefore, it’s super easy to find a teacher. 

Since we were beginners, we had a bit of respect to surf in the bay at the best times for surfing. As there are many surfers at these times, it could be some danger. Therefore, we decided to take our first surfing class at the bigger Dikwella beach next to Hiriketiya Beach. We went to the surfing school called WAKA surf and had a great experience with these guys. They first taught us everything we need to know at the beginning on land, and after, we went to the water and tried it over and over until we were exhausted.

Surfing was a lot of fun and also an excellent but intensive full-body workout—the first thing we did after our surfing lesson was relaxing and refreshing with a fresh king coconut. The next day after our first surfing class, we felt every muscle in our body.

Hiriketiya Beach Surfboards

Enjoy a beautiful Sunset

Our other favorite thing to do in Hiriketiya was to enjoy the sunsets. A lot of surfers go out into the water at sunset time, especially the more experienced ones. We loved to chill in the bay during sunset time and watch them surfing more giant waves while sipping a delicious coconut.

Where to eat in Hiriketiya Beach

We are happy to share here a few amazing spots with very delicious food that we had dinner at. We must say that in this little bay are located so many cool spots.

Salt House

This place is very cool. We went there once for dinner and once for lunch. They have some great plant based options and a beautiful garden to sit outside. The Salt House is also an acomodation which we think would be amazing too and you can go to yoga classes too.

The Grove

The Grove is the perfect dinner spot with a big garden with many beautiful palm trees and lights in the trees. The food was delicious and staff was amazing too.

Malu Poke Hiriketiya

If you look for a place that is more down to earth and where you can have delicious food for a fair price, then Malu Poke Hiriketiya is your spot. The owners are so cute, and the space is small but cozy. You can choose the ingredients for your Poke Bowl what made it very easy for us vegans. Stefan loved it so much that he ate two of these bowls :). Not because of the portions not being big enough, but just because he is a good eater. 

Dots Bay House

Dots Bay House has a lovely garden too and has such a great vibe with music and lovely people working there. They have great vegan options, and the food was delicious.

Verse Collective

The Verse Collective was our favorite lunch spot and is located on Dikwella beach next to Hiriketiya. They have delicious bowls with coconut yogurt as well as other excellent plant-based options and the most delicious smoothies.

Hiriketiya Beach couple walking on beach
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