10 Best things to do in Venice

Best things to do in Venice - Exploring the many cute spots and canals

Venice is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and charming cities we have ever been to. All these lovely little streets where you can get lost and enjoy your surroundings combined with countless cute little bridges to cross the canals and the singing gondoliers make this city very special. Not to mention all the delicious food and historical sights. In this post, we share the 10 best things to do in Venice, including where to stay and eat.


Best time to visit Venice

The high-season for tourists visiting Venice is during the summer months from Junge to August. But we would say the best time to visit Venice is during Spring and Autumn because temperatures are enjoyable, and the prices are lower off-season.

10 Best things to do in Venice

1. Piazza San Marco and Saint Marco Basilica

Probably the most famous place in Venice is Piazza San Marco with the beautiful Saint Marco Basilica. The architecture is absolutely stunning, and parts of the cathedral are free. It’s not allowed to take photos inside. We recommend you to come here early in the morning to enjoy this magical place with fewer other people. We came for sunrise and must say it was an unforgettable experience to enjoy this historical and stunning place so empty.

2. Bridge of Sighs

This gorgeous bridge was built in 1600 and has its name Bridge of Sighs because prisoners would sigh at their last view of beautiful Venice through the window before being taken down to their cells. It’s definitely one of our favorite photo spots in Venice and located right next to Piazza San Marco.
Italy Venice Bridge of Sighs Couple

3. Ponte di Rialto – Rialto Bridge

Four bridges are crossing the Grand Canal of Venice. Rialto Bridge is the oldest and most famous bridge of these four. Rialto Bridge is one of the dreamiest spots to watch the sunset over the canals.

4. Enjoy a delicious Gelato

There are plenty of Gelaterias in Venice, but our favorite is SUSO. They offer the most delicious vegan dark chocolate Gelato, and we both combined it with delicious fruity flavors like Melon and Berries. This day was so hot, and the Ice cream was literally melting in our hands but also such a treat.

5. Take a Gondola through the canals

Of course, one of the most famous things to do in Venice is taking a Gondola through the canals. It’s definitely a romantic way to explore the city as a couple. The price is 80 Euros for about 45 min through the city. Insider Tip: For those looking for this cute step, it’s located next to Hotel San Moise.
Italy Venice Canal Gondolier

6. Get lost in the little streets of Venice

One of the best things to do in Venice is without a doubt to get lost in the many beautiful streets instead of following a map. There could be a treasure around every corner, so don’t plan too much and let yourself drift. We promise you will find the cutest little cafes and places.

7. Explore the lesser-known part of the city

The city’s famous center can get quite bustling, and one of the best things to do in Venice is to get lost in the many beautiful streets. Some of the lesser-known parts of the city can offer very different experiences. Like Dorsoduro, the more young, bohemian part, Cannaregio a more local part, or San Polo, the best area for local markets.

Italy Venice Canal Balcony Flowers

8. Eat a Pizza in the Canals

Our favorite dinner in Venice was when we bought a Pizza and took it to the canals to eat it while watching the Gondoliers pass. We got our Pizza at Pizzeria L’Angelo they have an amazing choice of pizzas with vegan cheese.

9. Enjoy the sunset at the Canals

The only thing that is more magical and romantic than Venice itself is Venice at sunset. When the beautiful sunset colors immerse the city’s canals, it’s best to pause and enjoy your surroundings.

Italy Venice View on Canal Rialto Bridge

Best places to stay in Venice

For those traveling with a campervan like us, we recommend parking your home on wheels at Venezia Tronchetto Parking. It costs 60.00 Euro per night, which is a cheap way of staying in Venice. But be aware there are no toilets or showers because it’s only a parking spot for vans, not a camping site. So it’s best to have a van with a toilet and shower inside if you stay here. But you will have electricity and water to fill your tank included. From the parking, you can get to the city center by the water bus in about 30 min.

If you look for a lovely hotel to stay in Venice, here are some recommendations:

How to get around in Venice

The best way to explore the city is by walking. If you want to go longer distances, you can take a water bus. Yes, as you can imagine, there are no cars or busses in Venice. Everything goes over the canals. The water buses are called ACTV and have several stops all over the city. Depending on which line you are taking, they run every 5 – 20 minutes. You can find all information at the bus-stop of the water buses. A single one-way ticket costs 7.50 Euro there are day-passes available too.
Italy Venice Bridge Canal Couple


For 3 Days in Venice you will spend the following:

  • Accommodation 130.00 – 150.00 Euro per night in a Hotel / 60.00 Euro for Parking your van
  • Food 20.00 – 50.00 Euro per day
  • Gondola 80.00 Euro
  • Water Bus 15.00 Euro per day and person


Venice is our favorite city we have visited during our time in Italy. The city offers a lot to see, and still, it’s not too big. We loved getting lost in the streets and not following any map or plan. Besides our best things to do in Venice, there are many more. Every corner of Venice is beautiful, and especially for someone who likes to take photos, it’s a paradise. We know that the city can get quite busy and that is why we recommend exploring the lesser-known parts as well. The famous sights should be visited in the morning. Overall we know for sure that we will go back to Venice one day because we really fell in love with this romantic city.

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