While we visited the United Arab Emirates we made one of your dreams come true and stayed in the desert for one night. We rented a car in Abu Dhabi and drove to the desert ourselves. Which was a good choice because the streets are very good and easy to drive and it’s much cheeper that a driver. It was a two hours drive to the extraordinary Qasr Al Sarab we stayed at.

When we arrived this place already took our breath away. It looks like in a fairytale of 1001 nights and every corner is beautifully furnished. The welcome was very warm and we were beyond happy that we have done that.

During our stay we relaxed in the beautiful pool area and explored the area.

For sunset we did a camel ride. When we travel we are always very aware of doing things with animals. It is very important for us to not support anything where animals get treated badly or have to suffer. For us as vegetarians and animal lovers the well-being of animals is at first.

At the Qasr Al Sarab we had a good feeling about how the Camels live. The Camel leaders know everything about these beautiful animals and they told us a lot about them. It was an amazing experience in a very small group with nice people.

The Camels really stole our hearts. They are so sweet and very cuddly.

Of course our first question was, why the Camels have to wear a mouthpiece. They explained that the little plants in the Desert are also called Camel Candy and they are crazy about these Snacks. The Camels know when they wear the mouthpiece they are not allowed to eat them. When we arrived on top of the Dune for watching the sunset they took the mouthpiece off, let the Camels free and they went back home by theirselves and on the way they could have got their treats 🙂

After the sunset we walked down the dune and that was so much fun for us!

The next day we walked up on a dune which was located next to the Qasr Al Sarab ourselves. Walking on a dune is pretty exhausting but also a very good workout 😉

The view from the dune was beautiful and we could have seen the whole area of the hotel.

Also we discovered this swing which was located in front of the hotel while our morning walk.

Stefan almost couldn’t get me off the swing anymore! haha I love swings.

The whole stay at the Qasr Al Sarab was an unforgettable experience and we would immediately do it again. Of course this hotel has it’s price but it’s worth the experience.

The desert is such a dreamy place. We felt like Aladin and Jasmin, there was only the flying carpet missing 😉