Galle Fort was one of our favorite places to explore in Sri Lanka. This cute old town is a leftover of the colonial era of the dutch. Today it is a colorful and beautiful little town with lovely restaurants and shops where we had so much fun to stroll through the streets and discover every corner.

Where to stay in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

We stayed at the exceptional Bartizan Galle Fort which is located perfectly close to the cute streets of the city center and only a 2 min walk from the famous lighthouse. The house was built in the 17th century during the colonial rule of the dutch. The rooms are very lovely furnished, breakfast is served in the beautiful courtyard and they have a lovely rooftop terrace where we enjoyed the sunset and had some tea and cake.

courtyard with multiple tables and fairy lights
courtyard with fairy lights
rooftop terrace at sunset

Top things to do in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

Visit the Lighthouse

A must do in Galle Fort is visiting the famous Lighthouse and enjoy the view from this point of the city. We went there in the morning so we had the place to ourself and it was lovely. It is located at the eastern point of the city and can easily be reached by walk from the center of the fort.

Couple walking hand in hand in front of a lighthouse
Women walking towards a lighthouse
bay view at Galle Fort
lighthouse surrounded by palm trees

Stroll through the streets of the Fort

This is really a place where you can let yourself drift and discover cute spots around every corner. We loved to spend some time with strolling through these cute streets and enjoy the vintage vibes. The architecture is a leftover of the colonial rule of the dutch and there are some beautiful old buildings from that time like the Dutch Hospital which today is spot with shops and cute cafés.

old car parked in the street
Women sitting in front of a wooden door
Street in Galle Fort
Man walking over a bridge made of plank
old car parked in front of a building

Shopping in Galle Fort

There are many cute little shops where you can do a little shopping for a gift for your loved ones or maybe for a beautiful ring as a memory for yourself. Sri Lanka is famous for it’s gemstones and in Galle Fort there are the best Gemstone shops where you can buy beautiful handmade Jewelry.

Our favorite shops are:

  • Stick no Bills amazing postcards and posters from different talented artists
  • Stolen Paradise Clothing for men and women designed in Australia, produced locally in Sri Lanka
  • Barefoot everything from clothing to homewares, ethically and locally produced – great for gifts
  • Ecomaximus paper goods made from elephant dung
  • Mimi Mango Handmade clothing and Accesoires and has a cute café too
bike with surfboard parked in front of a shop
women holding a poster role in front of a poster shop
gems and jewellery shop
sidecar standing in front of a blue old building

Where to eat in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

There are many lovely cafés and restaurants in Galle Fort. The following are your favorites:

  • Poonie’s Kitchen: lovely spot in a courtyard of the shop Mimi Mango, perfect for lunch, great vegan options
  • Lucky Fort Restaurant: cute little restaurant, they serve very good Sri Lankan curry
  • The Fort Bazaar: another beautiful boutique hotel with a nice restaurant, perfect for a fancy date night
  • Prince of Galle: cute balcony to enjoy a glass of wine, live piano music in the evenings
restaurant in a backyard
Man is eating food with a fork
man drinking a juice
Drawn map of Sri Lanka
a glas of pineapple fruit juice

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