We only spent two days in Lisbon, which was way too short. We were so fascinated by this fantastic city. Lisbon is, in our opinion, one of the most photogenic city’s we’ve ever visited. It was hard to choose a few pictures for this post, but we want to take you on a Lisbon city tour.

Especially the tiles were what made Lea’s heart beat faster! She is so into tiles in general, and Lisbon is full of beautiful houses with the most gorgeous and old tiles. She couldn’t get enough of all the different colors and patterns.


In the first part of our Lisbon city tour, we explored the old town, which is called Alfama. We walked up all the beautiful old streets, and it was pretty much of a workout because it goes up a lot and pretty steep. But that is something we love most about traveling that you don’t even need to do an exercise every day because you walk so much exploring a new place and that is very healthy.

We came to a beautiful viewing point called Miradouro de Santa Luzia. It’s a very romantic place and full of flowers where you can take a little break from walking and sit in the shadow.

Most of the time of our Lisbon city tour, we walked. But one time we took the famous Tram 28 which makes a route through the whole old town Alfama and also the area of Bairro Alto. We recommend you going on this tram ride in the morning. It was a very nice ride on which you can see a lot of the city in no time, and the Tram is so beautiful and old. But in the afternoon there are sometimes a lot of people in the tram and then you can probably don’t enjoy the ride as much as we did!

LX Factory

On the other day of our Lisbon city tour, we went to visit the LX Factory, which is located in Alcantarra and can be reached easily by train from the city center. We stayed in the more modern center of Lisbon called Baixa, where we went to the train station Rossio. From there, it was only two stops to the train station Calvario from where you can walk into the LX Factory in a few minutes.

We highly recommend you visiting the LX Factory. It was one of our favorite places in Lisbon. It’s a former industrial area that was reopened as a very hip place with many concept stores, cafes, studios, and creative start-ups.

This place had everything we love from nice vegan food to sustainably produced clothing and vintage stores. You can easily stroll around there for half a day or even longer. We enjoyed the time in the LX Factory a lot because there was so much to discover and many fun things. This place hosts a lot of creative people, and that makes the fantastic vibe.

Bairro Alto

Our favorite neighborhood on our Lisbon city tour was Bairro Alto. There were so many nice photogenic spots, and we loved the ancient cable trams, which are not all still in order, but the ones who aren’t are great fun to take pictures. This area is truly a place where you can let yourself drift and discover a lot of cute little shops and cafés.

We found this sweet little cafe on the picture in Bairro Alto and were totally in love with the scenery. We had some Espressos (we are Coffee addicts and love a good Espresso) and a Pasteis de Nata which is our fave sweet in Portugal. You definitely need to try them when visiting Lisbon. They are worth the sin 😉

Before we went to the LX Factory the day before we stopped at the Pasteis de Belem which is  one of the oldest and most famous bakery’s making the Pasteis de Nata. We can’t say they were better than others because they are very delicious at many many places in Portugal but the bakery is very cute and old and worth a visit.

Favorite Viewpoint

One thing we loved about our Lisbon city tour is the many viewing points mostly with bars and restaurants on them. Of course in a city built like Lisbon, it’s easy to find a nice view but one of our fave spots was Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen. From this terrace, you have a spectacular view of the city and there is a simple Restaurant where you can enjoy a glass of wine or a cold beer while enjoying the view. It would definitely be nice to come for sunset too. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it back for sunset.

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Where to eat in Lisbon

In Lisbon there are a lot of Restaurants. We stayed for a short time thats why we couldn’t try all that we wanted to.

But we had one very nice dinner at the Docs with the whole family. We really enjoyed this night all together and on the Docs of Lisbon you can find a good range of different and nice Restaurants. The view and sunset there is very nice. We eat at Doca Peixe which is a very good Seafood Restaurant but also has good other options.

Places to eat in the City:

  • Taberna da Rua das Flores
  • Clube do Bacalhau

During the day we went to the Time Out Market which is a covered market hall with a lot of different food stalls in it. It is great fun to eat there and you can find food from all over the world and also good wine.

When we sat in the taxi to get to the Airport we looked at each other and said we definitely need to go back to Lisbon and spend more time in this vibrant and colorful city. We are sure there is a lot more to discover and we were absolutely in love with the vibe of this city.