On the day when we drove up from the Algarve to Lisbon we stopped in Sintra to visit the colorful castle called Palácio Nacional da Pena. This gorgeous building and it’s garden is definitely worth a visit but since we arrived in the afternoon there were way to many other people around.

We recommend you to go in the early morning when the castle opens his doors to avoid the crowds because you first of all get better pictures and second you can enjoy the guide trough the castle a lot more and in your own tempo.

We weren’t that lucky with the weather because this day was a bit cloudy but still the view from this place was stunning.

If you stay in Lisbon for a few days you can also make a day trip to visit this castle in Sintra. Also the cute city of Sintra can be visited on this trip. The castle is surrounded by a big national park where you can go on a walk if you have more time. Also you can go to Cabo da Roca which is located inside of this national park and is the most western point of the mainland of the European continent.