In this blog post, we share with you our 4 weeks travel route we did in Bali and our highlights on the island. Bali has been a dream destination of ours for a long time, and we had the best time traveling around this paradise. We must admit we can understand why so many people love this island. Bali has so much variety to offer. With this post, we want to show you what not to miss when visiting Bali and how to see most of the island during your trip.

Best time to visit Bali

Bali has a tropical monsoon climate, and that means the temperatures are pleasant all year round. There are two seasons, which are the dry season from May to September and the rainy season from October to April. We visited Bali in September, and we can highly recommend you to visit just before or after high season. So the best months to visit Bali would be May and September, in our opinion. Because during that time the weather was perfect and there weren’t too many tourists. But Bali can be visited all year round because every season has its advantages.

How to get there

Book your flight to the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, Bali. We recommend to use either Skyscanner or Kayak to book your flight and get the best price. Once you get there, you can take an airport taxi to get to the place where you are staying. They are mostly more expensive than Grab. But Grab taxis can not enter the airport area. So if you want to save some money, you can leave the airport and order a Grab taxi outside of the airport (for example at one of the airport hotels close by like the Harris Hotel Tuban).

Visa to enter Indonesia

To visit Indonesia, you can easily get a 30 days single entry at the airport without a visa when you arrive in the country. If you want to extend your stay up to 60 days, you have to get a Visa On Arrival (VOA) at the airport which is as well valid for a 30 days stay, but can be extended and costs you 37$. You have to go to the immigration office to extend your visa, which is a bit time consuming and costs you another 35$. If you come to Indonesia from home and know already that you want to stay in the country for 60 days, you can get your 60-day visa back home at the Indonesian Embassy in your country and don’t have to go through the extension process.

Bali Itinerary – 4 weeks route guide

This is the route that we made and that we can recommend you to do. But of course, you can only do parts of this route or change the duration of the places, depending on the length of your trip and on what you want to see.

Day 1-4 in Uluwatu

From the airport, we headed south first and stayed in Uluwatu. We really loved this area because of the magical sunsets, the surfing vibes, and because it has some of the best beaches in Bali with white sand and turquoise water.

Things to do in Uluwatu

Where to eat in Uluwatu

Where to stay in Uluwatu

couple sitting on the edge of a cliff watching the waves breaking in the bay
couple drinking coffee sitting on a balcony and looking onto the ocean
bay from above with turquoise water and breaking waves
couple walking on the beach
Table with two chairs and a parasol on a veranda in front of a beach
Surfboards standing in a rig
Buddha bowl smoothie bowl and smoothie
women walking on the beach
couple standing in the water on the beach at sunset

Day 4-8 in Canggu

Canggu is the place to be in Bali and we really loved our days there. It is the area with the most amazing cafes and boutiques. A lot of expats are living in this area, it’s very easy to get around by scooter here and there is endless amazing food to try. Also it’s one of the best places to enjoy the sunsets at the beach because there is a lot going on at sunset time.

Things to do in Canggu

  • Enjoy some time at the beach, especially at sunset, there is such a vibe at the beaches in Canggu at this time which you don’t want to miss
  • Take a surfing or yoga class
  • Go shopping at Love Anchor Sunday market or the amazing boutiques
  • Drink the best Almond milk Cappuccino at BGS
  • Join a Beach clean-up (visit the Trash Hero website for further details)

Where to eat in Canggu

Canggu is the absolute foodie heaven especially for vegans. We can not name all the amazing cafes here but we list our highlights:

  • Give Cafe (our favourite place to eat, Indonesian food, all vegan and amazing concept)
  • Silkroad Whole Foods (the ultimate boho vibes, very delicious food and great vegan options)
  • Cinta Cafe (Great Lunch spot, and also great to work at, beautiful view on rice-fields)
  • Amami (best vegan Italian food we ever had)
  • The Shady Shack (garden café with delicious bowls and salads)
  • Crate Cafe (very good prices for delicious smoothie bowls and smoothies)
  • Peloton Supershop (very cool dinner spot)

Where to stay in Canggu

  • Dreamsea Canggu (perfectly located, boho vibes, very amazing smoothie bowls included)
Couple standing on the beach. Girl on the back.
Word bazaar in big illuminated letters hanging above a crowd
Bed covered in white linen and mosquito net
Wooden table with standing and hanging chairs

Day 8-14 explore the Nusa Islands

The Nusa Islands are part of Bali and they are a must do. You can drive from Canggu directly to the harbour of Sanur and take the fast boat to get to the islands. Check out our detailed blogposts about these islands:

Couple standing at the railing and diamond beach is in the background
Couple running on the beach
Couple standing on the stairs down to Kelinking Beach
Couple driving on a scooter on a street which is surrounded by palm trees
Couple sitting in front of a beach hut drinking a juice
Women sitting on a swing which stands in the ocean

Day 14-19 in Ubud

Ubud should not be missed when visiting Bali because it’s the place with the beautiful rice terraces, beautiful waterfalls to chase and it has some very relaxing vibes, which makes it the best place for some yoga and some me-time. Also you can find a lot of amazing food in this area.

Read more: The Ultimate Travel Guide for Ubud

Couple walking on a ridge at sunrise
women in white dress walks through rice fields and palm trees
Couple standing in front of a waterfall
Monkey at Monkey Forest Ubud
sunrise over rice terrace

Day 19-21 in Munduk

Munduk is located in north Bali and we highly recommend to visit this area. There are way less tourists and it’s a very beautiful area of Bali. We saw some of the most beautiful waterfalls up there which we had totally to ourself in the middle of the afternoon.

We drove up to Munduk from Ubud by scooter and it took us about 2.5 hours. We stopped at two Waterfalls on our way to get there what was perfect to take a break from driving. The waterfalls are called Leke Leke and Nung Nung waterfall.

Things to do in Munduk

  • Take pictures at the Handara Gate (come here before 8am to avoid the crowds and make your photos more magical with the morning mist)
  • Visit the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan watertemple
  • Enjoy the view at Wanagiri hill
  • Explore the most beautiful and infamous waterfalls of Bali

Where to stay in Munduk

couple standing at the edge of an infinity pool at sunrise
Couple running through an Indonesian gate
Couple standing in front of a waterfall
Women standing in front of a waterfall
Path to a small house in the jungle

Day 21-24 in East Bali

If you look for some more quiet areas which are not very touristy, then you should not miss east Bali. This is the perfect place to stay at a beautiful bamboo house and relax for a few days. Enjoy the less crowded rice fields and enjoy the best view on the volcano.

Things to do in East Bali

Where to stay in East Bali

We stayed at the exceptional Camaya Bali (make sure to book your stay at a bamboo villa as soon as possible as they are usually fully booked early) We know these villas are a bit more pricey but it’s such an amazing experience that we can say it’s worth the money. We dreamed about staying at this house for a long time and are super happy that we made it.

Other amazing bamboo houses to stay at in this region are Hideout Bali and Bird Hills Bamboo House.

Couple lying in bed sheets on a net looking into the jungle
Drone shot of a bamboo house
Couple sitting on the floor and the man plays the guitar
Women walking in front of a bamboo house
Girl standing between pillars of an ancient ruin
Couple sitting on the floor laughing while playing the guitar

Day 24-28 on the Gili Island

The Gili Islands are part of Lombok, but they are easy to access from Bali, and they are the perfect tropical Island getaway to enjoy some beach days and snorkeling. Gili means “small Island” in the local language Sasak, and there are many Gili Island around Lombok. But the three most famous Islands are Gili Trawangan (busiest Island, good for young people and parties), Gili Meno (smallest and most quiet Island, great snorkeling and honeymoon Island), and Gili Air (great vibes, lots of cute cafes, perfect for couples).

What we loved most about these islands is that there is no traffic at all. The only way to get around is by walking or by bike. Because of that, the islands are much more relaxing.

Gili Air is our personal favorite of these three Gili Islands because it is the perfect mix of both relaxing and still a lot to do. Read more: Top things to do in Gili Air

Couple riding their bicycles in an alley covered in flowers
couple beach gili air lombok
underwater statues gili islands lombok
sunrise swing gili air lombok
bicycling gili air lombok
snorkeling turtle gili air lombok
swing gili air lombok

Day 28-30 in Seminyak

Spend your last days in the area of Seminyak before you head back to the Airport of Denpasar, which is close from here. Spend these days enjoying the foodie heaven of Bali again and do some souvenir shopping if you like.

Don’t miss the best vegan Restaurant Kynd Community for the most amazing smoothie bowls, vegan Pizzas, amazing cakes and more.

Women sitting in a hanging chair in front of a wall with sunflower painted on it
Two granola bowls and two peanut butter toasts

Travel tips


Traveling in Indonesia is quite affordable. We have listed here an average budget for Bali. Of course, this can vary a lot with the choice of accommodation and transportation.
  • Costs for food per meal: 5$ for two people at a local place (Warung) / 15$ for two people at western restaurants
  • Costs for accommodation: 30$ per night for a hotel room / 15$ for a room at a guesthouse
  • Costs for scooter rental: 4$ per day

Internet Access

Internet access in Indonesia is almost everywhere available and usually fast. As most of the cafes are offering free high-speed WiFi, we typically use this kind of internet connection in the first place.

If you’re traveling around and need internet access while on the road, getting a local SIM card will be the most comfortable and cheapest way. We usually have a spare phone with a local SIM card installed as well as our Skyroam Solis X with us. Both can be used as a hotspot when there is no WiFi available.

Getting a SIM card in Indonesia is simple. You can either buy one at the airport or a cellphone shop on the streets. We suggest the latter, as it’s the cheaper way. Just watch out for stores that sell cell phones, and there you’ll find SIM cards from all major companies.

Indonesia has many telecom providers, but Telkomsel is the biggest and most reliable. A little bit more expensive than the others, but from our experience, it’s worth spending the extra money. The initial cost is around 9 $, including the SIM card and 9 gigabytes of data. Additional data packages can be purchased online when required. Prices range from 1.50 $ for one gigabyte to 3 $ for fifteen gigabytes.

People & Culture

The Balinese people are very friendly and welcoming as well as great hosts. Bali is extremely rich in culture. The Balinese people are mainly hindu, and they celebrate their religion in many different ways. Their temples are like a community or like one big family. They regularly have ceremonies within their temple community and that for they are beautifully dressed, bring some offerings, make music and parades on the street.

If you see little baskets made from leaves with flowers and other things inside on the street, these are Balinese offerings. Balinese people make these offerings for gratefulness and to wish for peace. Please show respect and don’t step on them even if they are everywhere on the street.

If you get the chance to see a Balinese dance somewhere in Bali, this will be a fantastic experience. Their dance is a religious and artistic expression and very interesting.