At the end of our India travel we spent a few days in Goa which was so relaxing compared to the rest of our adventure in this amazing country.

We loved India a lot but still we have to be honest and say sometimes in the big cities with many people it was a bit exhausting. That is why we enjoyed a few quiet days on the beach a lot after all the very exiting adventures we had in India.

Goa is very different to the rest of the country. The people are very western in their behavior, the food is very different and also there is much less of the indian culture. We wouldn’t recommend you to only visit Goa when going to India because the experience would’t be that authentic but it’s a very recommendable place to end your India travels.

We stayed on Agonda beach with is located in the south of Goa and it’s a very quiet and relaxing beach. In the northern part of Goa there are also beaches well known for their crazy parties. But that wasn’t what we were looking for 😉 If you go to Goa to relax on a very beautiful beach we can definitely recommend you staying in Agonda a lot!

This beach is also known for the many cows hanging out on it. Which is kind of fun and something that you definitely don’t see at many places in the world.

We stayed at the Corvo Rindo Resort and had a very cute and very basic little beachfront bungalow for a good price. People at this accommodation were super lovely and the food was great too.

We spent our day’s with relaxing on the beach, reading books, swimming, doing some work-outs and going on some beach walks or exploring the cute area.

Our favorites were the beach walks on the long and beautiful beach where you always meet some cuties like the white horse, some cows and dogs. We enjoy walking on beaches a lot and that’s always how we philosophize about the world and make plans for our future.

Also a thing that we do while our beach walks is picking up the trash that we find along the way. We make a game out of it who gets the most trash up. But in fact this is something that always makes us sad to see how much trash people leave back in nature and on the beaches. If the plastic and also aluminum from beer cans get into the ocean this can hurt and even kill animals! So that why we love some campaigns like “take three for the sea” and we hope that more and more people help keeping the beautiful beaches of this world clean. The best thing is to do not even bring any plastic at all whit buying a good drinking bottle that you can reuse over and over again.

But the one thing we loved most about Goa are the stunning sunsets every night. We love the magic of sunsets so much and to take the time to watch and enjoy them. Sometimes we enjoy a nice glass of wine with it.