We only spent one whole day in Jodhpur known as the blue city. We stayed at a cute guesthouse called Suraj Haveli. It is a family run guesthouse from a very cute and lovely family and we liked to stay at this place a lot. The house is a very authentic indian Haveli which is the name for a particular style of houses which where the mansions of wealthier people.

The house had a gorgeous rooftop where we had breakfast in the morning and from which you have a very nice view over the city.

We have to be honest from what we heard about Jodhpur we imagined the city to be more blue also because it is called the blue city. There is one particular neighborhood which has most of the blue houses. There are a few very nice spots and very cool painted houses but It was kind of a hunt for the best blue houses that we made 😉

Very close to our guesthouse was the Toorji Ka Jhalra Stepwell which we loved from the begining. Above this Stepwell there is the Stepwell Café which is a very cool spot to drink something or for a Lunch. We loved this lovely Cafe and the nice view on the Stepwell.

In this Cafe we heard that there is a project in progress which they were part of. This project wants to create a meeting point for young or likeminded people around the Stepwell with different Cafes, Working spaces, cute Shops who sell ethically produced goods and we were very exited about it and decided that we need to discover everything that is already part of this project.

In the house in the opposite of the Cafe we found many very cute little shops with the lovliest homewares, Jewelry, Clothing and much more. We loved strolling around this Stepwell and discovering many little projects of creative and forward thinking people.

In this area there are also a few very lovely rooftop restaurants for dinner with a spectacular view over the city.

  • RAAS Jodhpur
  • Makrana Mohalla Restaurant

We had a very fun day in Jodhpur and loved the guesthouse we were staying at as well as the area around the Stepwell a lot. But we wouldn’t recommend you staying in Jodhpur for much longer. Compared to other indian City’s we didn’t feel like there is as much to discover. But this is just our opinion.