The longest stay we had on our India travel was in Jaipur and we are very happy about that. Jaipur was our favorite city in India so far and we could have stayed even longer. We loved everything about this city but let’s start with the place we stayed at.

It is called 47 Jobner Bagh and was one of the most beautiful houses we ever stayed at. It’s a boutique hotel located very central in the city of Jaipur and surrounded by a stunning garden. Everything is made with so much love and furnished beautifully with a bit of a bohemian touch.

But what is even more beautiful than the house itself are the loveliest people who took care of us while our stay. The food was absolutely amazing thanks to their great chef. We highly recommend staying at Jobner Bagh because this house is truly an oasis in the big and turbulent city where you can hang out and relax in the evening after an exiting day in the city.

We arrived in Jaipur by train and the Jobner Bagh sent us a driver with a lovely Oldtimer to pick us up at the train station because it was already late when we arrived.

One of the most famous sights in Jaipur is the Amber Fort. It is located a bit outside of the city but definitely worth a visit.

There is just one thing we didn’t like about this place and we definitely want to make people to stop this. When you arrive at the fort which is located a bit higher than the street where most of the cars have to stop they make people sit on Elephants riding up the hill to the fort. We are very much against Elephant riding because we know how much pain and suffer Elephants need to go trough that people can ride on them. Also a life in captivity is very horrible for those big and lovely animals. So please skip that part of visiting the fort and say no like we did! If everyone would stop supporting it this cruelty would finally end.

But besides that we can say the Amber Fort is a beautiful place to visit. We loved especially the stunning, painted gate at the beginning of the fort.

There is also a nice Stepwell on your way to the fort where you should stop at.

The other famous sight in Jaipur and even more beautiful is the City Palace. It was such a joy strolling trough this gorgeous building and seeing so many beautiful paintings and decorations from earlier times.

Our favorite were the four gates which are which all stand for one of the four seasons. The Lotus gate represents summer and was of course our fave because we are both born in August and Summer child’s at heart! All those gates are stunningly painted. Each gate is also assigned to one of the Hindu gods. Also a stunner was the Peacock gate which stands for autumn.

On day we booked a driver and visited a few places. Booking a driver for a day is sometimes a very good option when you want to visit different places which aren’t very close to each other and to far for Tuk Tuk’s.

We first drove to the Anokhi block printing Museum. Block printing is a very old handicraft of India. This country has a long and still ongoing story with textile wares and that is why you can buy the most beautiful textiles in India. Block printing is the most famous technique in India. They have stamps with the prints and place them on the fabric and hit on it. It was very impressive to see the process and story of block printing. Especially for a fashion addict like Lea 😉

After that we visited the Galtaji Temple better known as the Monkey temple. The temple itself is a bit of a ruin but nice to see and it is full of Monkeys. They are great fun to observe but it’s better to keep a bit of distance because they aren’t all very friendly with people!

Last stop that day was a viewing point located next to Nahargarh Fort and offers a stunning view over the huge city of Jaipur.

Some of the days we spent in Jaipur we just strolled trough the city by walking. We walked trough the colorful streets of all the bazaars and enjoyed all that we discovered.

In the city there is this famous building called Hawa Mahal with it’s many little towers is an architectural highlight of Jaipur. It was constructed for the royal ladies to enable them to watch the life that was going on in the city.

We discovered a few very nice places like Cafe’s and Shops and took our time to enjoy this vibrant city to the fullest. Our favorite discoveries:

  • Cafe Palladio, very cute spot for a lunch or a coffee in a cute hidden garden
  • Jaipur Modern, our fave shop with many beautiful Clothes, Accessoires, Homewares, Books and more and a cute little Cafe with delicious food & smoothies
  • Anokhi with the beautiful block printing Clothing & Homewares
  • Theatro Dhora, Lea’s fave shop for Clothing & Jewelry, very nice pieces
  • Narain Niwas Palace, right behind the Bar Palladio there is a quiet garden with different little boutiques with the lovliest things from Clothes to Homewares like Hot Pink, IDLI and many more
  • Vrisa, for sustainable produced and hand embroidered lovely clothing
  • Niros for very good indian Food

One very lovely night our we had in Jaipur was having a fancy dinner at Bar Palladio. It is from the same owners like the Cafe Palladio where we made a little Lunch Break while our shopping tour.

The Bad Palladio is a fancy furnished and decorated Restaurant with a Bar and a beautiful garden. The food is a mix of italian and indian and was very delicious. But we don’t recommend this place because of the food but much more because of the very cool ambience. It is truly worth to see also if you just go for a drink.

But one place we enjoyed most while our stay was the gorgeous rooftop in our Jaipur home the 47 Jobner Bagh. We watched some sunsets from this roof and relaxed there after those exiting days in the city. This roof is a dream and decorated with the most beautiful flowers. It was truly our oasis of peace and happiness enjoying every minute we spent here together! If we will make it back to Jaipur someday there is one thing that is clear.. we will stay at this stunning house again!

By the way this handsome guy in the picture with Stefan is John. He is the chef and the cutest person we met!