Delhi was our first destination on our India travel. When we arrived in Delhi at the airport we were a bit nervous because it was the first time in India and we didn’t know what to expect. We heard so many things about India before also from people who didn’t like this country at all. But we are totally in love with this versatile country and all the adventures we experienced here. But still we have to confess that on our more than one hour drive from the airport to our hotel when we arrived in India we had very mixed feelings. The traffic was horrible and loud and we saw it for the first time that cars, Tuk Tuk’s, cows and people all get on one street. It felt like chaos to us and when we arrived at the hotel we needed a break and had a cozy night staying in and getting food from their food delivery which was amazing.

We stayed at the Scarlette New Delhi which is located in the south of Delhi in the Safdarjung Enclave which is an upcoming and hip Neighborhood. We were beyond happy that we chose this place to stay at. It is such a lovely and relaxing place which is beautifully furnished and owned by two very nice women from France. Next to this beautiful hotel they also make textile wares in India which are very beautiful and you wish you could take home everything in this place.

But the next day we started exploring Delhi and there is a lot to see in this big and exciting city. It didn’t take us long to fall in love with this country after the first impression.

On our first day in Delhi we went to Old Delhi and visited the Jama Masjid which is a beautiful red sandstone and marble Mosque. Old Delhi can only be visited by Rickshaw because it is not possible to drive with a car. The driver tried to bring us to some shops to buy some stuff but we didn’t feel like cause it was our first day so we told him no and wen to the next stop which was Agrasen Ki Baoli a very cool Stepwell.

India is full of Stepwells and we loved them. They are so much fun to take pictures. They were used to save the water inside in the earlier times. When the water inside got less they had to got a few steps deeper to get some.

After that we also visited the beautiful Humayun’s Tomb. This historical memorial is built very symmetric. It is thought to have inspired the Taj Mahal.

At the end we went to the Bangla Sahib which is a Sikh Temple. Our driver that day visited the temple with us and we had great fun. It is a magnificent white marble temple topped with golden onion domes. It has a beautiful big water tank in the back from which they say that is has healing powers. Our driver took us inside of the kitchen which was such great experience to see how the volunteers prepare all the breads and food which is free for everyone regardless of which religion.

The second day in Delhi we spent more in the New Delhi area and visited the Qutb Minar which is an ancient ruin site. It was build by Delhi’s first Muslim Sultan. We felt like in an Indiana Jones movie which we were big fans of as kids 😉 This is a sight you shouldn’t miss while visiting Delhi.

After that we went to Bahai House of Worship better known as the Lotus Temple. It’s a very calm place in the hectic city of Delhi and it is an architectural masterpiece built in the 1980’s. The temple is shaped like a lotus flower and is created to bring all faiths together. Visitors are invited to pray and meditate silently according to their own beliefs. We aren’t religious but we loved that this place has room for everyone no matter what religion you have. What a beautiful thought!

We ended our second day at Lodi Gardens which is also a very calm and idyllic place in this vibrant city where you can relax and talk. We had a great time siting in the grass enjoying this beautiful place.

The next day we explored the very hip area of Shahpur Jat Village which is located in the south of Delhi and is full of lovely Boutiques and cool Restaurants. We loved strolling around in this area so much. We did a little shopping because in India you can find the nicest clothes, ethically produced in India, made form natural fibers in lovely boutiques but for a very good price. Also you can buy cashmere scarfs from the highest quality at a price that is affordable. Thats why we love to shop in India.

Also we were fascinated from all the beautiful Indian clothing we saw in all those windows. The most beautiful Saris with handmade embroidery. Lea was so in love with those clothes. Unfortunately we don’t have an occasion to wear them in our lives but we still hope to be invited to an indian wedding someday in the future 😉

We walked over to the area of Hauz Khas which has a beautiful big park with a lake where you can walk around, watch the sunset and many monkeys. It was just lovely and from that place we walked back to our hotel. It felt good for us to walk a lot that day after two days of getting around by car a lot because the city is so big.

Our recommendation for very nice food with great vegan options is Greenr Café. You should definitely try that one when strolling around in Shahpur Jat Village. But we have to say in India it’s in general very easy with a vegan / vegetarian diet. All the very good indian food is mostly plant based.

For shopping we can recommend the following:

  • Wrap Studio for the most beautiful and high quality cashmere scarfs
  • Nimai for lovely Jewelry
  • En Inde for nice Clothing and Accesoires
  • NeedleDust if you want to get yourself lovely indian shoes