We had a very romantic and relaxing week on the beautiful island of Santorini. We treated ourselves with delicious greek food and enjoyed the many gorgeous sunsets.

We went to Santorini during the offseason in late Autumn at the end of October. This time was perfect for us because there were only a few tourists in Oia, which is the total opposite during summer. But still, it was a warm and sunny escape from the already cold Switzerland. The temperatures were too cold to swim in the ocean, but we were lucky to have a whirlpool on our terrace, which we used a few times. Besides being sunny most of the time, there was a steady wind which made us sometimes freezing a little bit. But it was still possible to work on our tan, where the rocks gave shelter from the wind.

Where to stay

We stayed at one of the beautiful Thiera Suites, which is located in Oia at the very beginning of the town right under the first chapel. We can highly recommend staying at this place because of the spacious rooms, beautiful interior, and the fantastic view on the Vulcano. Besides, the staff was amiable and kind.

Thiera Suites has only a few rooms, each with a private terrace. It’s a family run business, and they serve you great breakfast on your private patio every morning. And if you’re lucky, some cute furry guests come and visit you throughout the day. 

If you’re a budget traveler, we highly recommend traveling to Santorini offseason. The prices for accommodation are much lower then.

Exploring Santorini

We rented a car for some day trips as renting a car in Oia is cheap and easy. Therefore, we only rented a car on certain days instead of renting it for the whole week. This way we didn’t pay for days where we didn’t need a car and didn’t have to find a parking place which is hard in Oia.

On our day trips, we visited some other places on the Island. As Santorini is small, you can easily drive to the other side of the Island and back the same day. The places we loved the most were the black beaches in the south, and the famous and stunning red beach.

Red Beach

Getting to the Red Beach isn’t straight forward. From the parking lot, you have to walk all straight towards the small church, which you have to pass until you cannot go any further. There you have to turn right and do a little hike over some big rocks until you can see the beach. No worries, you don’t need any hiking gear. It’s definitely worth the extra effort as the beach is impressive. Incredible what Mother Nature can create!

Visiting Fira

On one of our trips, we went to Fira, the capital city of Santorini. There we had lunch and went on a boat trip to the Vulcano. Unfortunately, the trips to the Vulcano are very touristy, and we didn’t find a way to go without one of the crowded boats. But it was still worth seeing the Vulcano and hicking upon it.

Talking about touristy things on Santorini, we have to mention one essential thing. Please don’t ever take a Donkey ride when arriving at one of Santorini’s Citys by boat. There are so many poor Donkey’s that have to take tourists up the hundreds of stairs all day long. Instead, walk up by yourself and do a little training. The short hike keeps you healthy and safes these beautiful animals!

Where to eat

On the days we didn’t go on a trip exploring the island, we enjoyed Oia town. We loved strolling around in this beautiful little town. There are so many gorgeous corners and photo spots to discover. And also a lot of very cute and delicious restaurants. Our favorites are:

Guess what we loved to eat most!? – Greek salad of course! 🙂

Taste some delicious wines

If you’re a wine lover, we highly recommend going for a wine tasting at one of the many vineyards. Near Oia, there is the vineyard of Domaine Sigalas, which is only a short hike down the hill.

We are wine lovers and are always happy to try new vines from other countries. Honestly, we didn’t know that Santorini is famous for its wines, and therefore, we were surprised by how many delicious wines they have.

It is quite windy on Santorini, and therefore the wine plants are looking very different than the ones back home in Switzerland, Italy, and France. They are just tiny bushes and are spread randomly across the fields.

Don’t miss the sunset

What we loved most about this Island were the gorgeous sunsets. In Oia, there are some famous sunset-spots which attract many tourists, even in the low season. So if you want to have a seat in a restaurant to drink a glass of wine, you should go early. But we sometimes just sat on a wall somewhere and opened a small bottle of wine for ourselves.

Santorini is a place where we will go back to because we enjoyed every minute of it. The people are beyond friendly and open-minded and made us feel very welcome. Therefore, meeting new people was fun.

As we are sure, there are many more islands like Santorini in Greece, traveling to all those islands by boat is one of our travel dreams.