couple sharing a smoothie bowl at GIVE cafe Canggu Bali

Reasons why we live on a plant-based diet

There was no specific moment when we decided to go plant-based. It just happened slowly over time with every new piece of information we learned. In this post, we’re going to share the three top reasons why we live on a plant-based diet, how we did it, and which nutrients we supplement to stay healthy.Our transition to a plant-based diet began after watching the documentary Cowspiracy. To hear and see the ugly truth about the dairy and livestock industry was like a punch into the face. We started rethinking about many behaviors and actions of our everyday life. At some point in time, we realized that we feel much better and no longer had the desire to eat animals or any other food of which animals are involved in the manufacturing process. We suddenly became vegans and, since then, never wanted and never will go back. Top reasons why we eat