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Hi there, we are Lea & Stefan both made in Switzerland and we travel and discover the world together. We are happy that you came across our page!

We started this website because we want to share our adventures and give people useful information’s when they travel to the same places we have been to. But also this website is a platform for us to share things that really matter to us. We are together on the path to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle and want to inspire people to take care of nature and also of their own bodies while traveling but also when staying home.

To tell you more about us we have to say that we are not just a “we” but also two very different individuals who complete each other perfectly. Since we met in 2014 we keep on growing on each other and learning from each other. Lea was the fashion addicted, materialistic girl, always enjoying life but not always taking care that much of her body and health. But one thing she always knew, how to enjoy things and time with people. Stefan in the opposite was a workaholic. Always working on his business and his body. He went to the gym 5 times a week and he said to that time that food wasn’t something he enjoyed it was more of a means for the purpose. But he knew how to stay and look fit.

When we met we couldn’t be more different but that was why we made each other lives so much better. Stefan learned how to enjoy life more and Lea learned how to live a healthier life. This is what makes us happy with each other and also with ourselves.

So how do we live now? We are traveling full-time together to learn from other cultures, to learn from nature and to enjoy all the beauty that this world has to offer for us. While we do that we eat a healthy and plant-based diet and life a sustainable lifestyle.

What we learned over the past years of traveling is that we can be happy with much less than we were used to back home. Also, we have seen the many issues our world has and this created a strong desire to live more sustainably as well as to inspire other people to do the same.

We both share a big passion for this wonderful planet we all live on. That means to us that we care for the environment, the people and animals. We do that in many ways like our diet, in what we consume or not, with trying to live plastic-free and with many little more things which we want to talk about in this blog. So stay tuned and never hesitate to write to us if you have any questions or inputs to our content. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy reading.

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About Us

We are Lea & Stefan traveling and discovering the World together. We both care much about nature and health what accompanies us on all our adventures.